Friday, August 1, 2008

Cam'ron Sells Juelz To Def Jam For $2 Million!

According to Miss Info Cam'ron Has Sold Juelz Santana To Def Jam For $2 Million Dollars.

Santana Says: “I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give me a chance!!! But I will say this I was loyal to him and he took advantage.”

So apparently the boss man was under paying him this may explain why Santana hasn't put out an album lately.

Santana Also Says: “Mixtape coming up soon, my solo mixtape the Reagan Era’"

“I have a joint venture with Def Jam, a 50/50 deal,” he continued. “Yeah, it’s a new boss in town. Album is called Born to Lose, Built to Win!!!! (The rise of the skullgang).”

There you have it no more speculations! This is actually a power move for Santana because he is more of a mainstream artist he'd do better solo.

But what's Jimmy going to do? because his new music is TRASH.

Shout out to Killa Cam