Saturday, August 16, 2008

Police Brutality: DJ VLAD Suing Rick Ross For 4 Million!

"After an altercation at last week's Ozone Awards held in Houston, Texas, DJ Vlad is suing Rick Ross for $4 Million. The DJ claims in a lawsuit filed in federal court today, that Ross orchestrated a "brutal attack" against him.

Among the injuries alleged to have been suffered by Vlad in the attack are seven stitches below one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage. The suit is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages.

Before the alleged assault, Vlad said that he had reached out to Ross in order to calm the brewing beef between their camps.

Representatives for Ross have not yet commented."

GOOD! and I hope DJ Vlad is awarded the 4 million Rick Ross really needs to calm the fuck down we all know he was a CO. He's just mad because somebody had the nerve to pull his card!