Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making Of The Band 4 Preview & Laurie Ann Is Back

Diddy Is Doing Big Things..Too Bad He Isn't As Consistant With His Artists As He Is With His Clothing Line & Reality Shows..

*VIDEO* Angela Simmons - Center Of Attention

What do you think of the video?

Jennifer Hudson's Shoot!


Ciara's Photo Shoot!

I'm loving the look!
Ciara may just be our next runway Diva --

More Pics From Tatyana's KING Spread

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleeping KING Raekwon

Part 1: Status of his next album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2"

Part 2: This generation's rappers.

Tatyana Ali On The Cover Of KING MAGAZINE!

Do we love it?


Max B Says Chrissy Allegedly Touched It In
Oh Max, You Bout To Start Some Shit Boo..Hell Up In Harlem!

COURTESY OF Lipstick Alley:

"Jim's girl Crissy..From Harlem, used to mess with
D from RuffRyders,
Puff and anyone else who has money and can take care of her
...At the moment it's Jim Jones.
She travels with him and he's in love
(even tho he knows her history)...she's a shady bitch."

Anyways, I'm done with Jimmy so I co-sign Max's bullshit.
Jimmy violated, so he gets violated that byrd gang album ain't moving because the shit is trash! What happened to the original members? I fuck with Santana because he's nice at what he does but I really can't fuck with Jimmy anymore. You have people in the streets talking about how Jimmy created The Diplomats. Will someone please give me break?

Cassie's New Joint!!

So Here Is The Fabulous Cassies' New Joint I was Beginning To Think She Was Being Demoted From R&B Songstress To Diddy's Bust It Baby But Here It Goes And I'm Feelin' It:

Ciara Set To Be A Victoria's Secret Model?

Ciara is itching to expand her modeling portfolio now that she has signed on with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. She’s telling folks that she not only can rock the Rocawear ads, but she’s ready to expand into even more businesses. And Victoria’s Secret is already in the works. Lisa Cambridge, a rep from Ciara’s label, says:
“It’s a perfect fit. It plays with her personality and her coming of age. It’s tasteful, sexy and beautiful, just like her.”

Courtesy of YBF

I think she'd be perfect for the job.. she's definitely evolved from boyish to sexy.. Work it Cee!


Platform thong sandals and bell bottom leotards
.....Why does this not suprise me?

Some Down South Man Candy!

I must say super producer Polow Da Don is my man candy of the evening:


Nelly & Polow Da Don Do A $10K Bowling Game Battle In Atlanta!

A Sneak Peak Of New York's New Show!

What do you think?

Lay Off The Weed Solange Knowles!

A Ditzy Disoriented Solange Cursing & Babbling About Her Upcoming Album!

Prodigy Talking Reckless!

Prodigy Dissin Jay-Z! "You Snitch Azz Nicca" (Says Theres Too Many Movies About Snitches, Calls Jay-Z A B*tch For Doin An Album About A Snitch & Cam'Ron Was Buggin)

Is it me, or does Prodigy look like Oscar?

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Get Their Bowling Game On!

Seezins From Flavor Of Love 3 Does Smooth Magazine!

I think she looks pretty and besides the soft nudity she is still educated and has a career of her own she is not trying to make a business out of selling her ass on print ads & videos and riding the coat-tail of flavor of love! You go girl! Work It Seezins!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank You All For Voting!

In George Bush News: for the past 8 years this drunken redneck has been our president(news flash), when he leaves office in November the U.S. will be in the hole a record $482 BILLION dollars, very nice I'm proud to be an American. Here is a clip of Oliver Stone's biopic "W".

Nelly's Sean Jean Ad

A master piece...

Jeezy Set To Release An Album

So Jeezy Is Set To Release His Fourth Album "The Recession" September 2nd
He Is Also Set To Start A Tour Starting Next Month

What's up with down south rappers not visiting New York??
I've noticed this about Lil' Wayne & T.I. too...the one time I saw Wayne coming to New York he got arrested on a gun charge in Manhattan by Club Avalon

For The Jeezy Luvaz The Dates & States Are Below:
Aug. 10: Houston (Arena Theatre)
Aug. 12: Dallas (House of Blues)
Aug. 13: New Orleans (House of Blues)
Aug. 15: Detroit (Plan)
Aug. 18: Chicago (House of Blues)
Aug. 22: Norfolk, Va. (NorVa)
Aug. 23: Cleveland (House of Blues)
Aug. 26: New York, NY (Blender Theatre)
Aug. 29: Jacksonville, Fla. (Plush)
Aug. 30: Tampa, Fla. (Jannus Landing)
Sept. 2: Atlanta (Tabernacle)

Rick Ross Is Still Denying He Was An Officer!

Despite a photo and various documents showing that he was a correctional officer in his past, Miami rapper Rick Ross continues to deny ever being a prison guard.
Late last month, a picture showing Ross dressed as a prison guard begun circulating the internet and Ross would deny being a prison guard. The rapper claimed that the picture was photoshopped. [Watch Ross Denying Being A Correction Officer]
Last week, would release corrections records proving that Ross (born William Leonard Roberts) worked as a prison guard from 1995 to 1997. [View Documents]
In a recent interview with Phoenix's Power 98.3 (KKFR-FM), Ross denied being an officer.
“Dont believe the hype,” Ross said. “In the game we in, it’s real competitive. Competitors have to do what they have to do to eat. We making the best music. We the biggest in the game, we the best in the game. Just keeping it real. And anytime somebody can attack my character, like I said, you get nothing from the Boss. I don’t give haters the pleasure.”
“We gon’ keep the records
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.coming, we gon’ keep the music coming. Like I said, I’m one of the realest sources of this real street music in this game," he continued. "Straight out of Miami, straight out of M-I-Yayo. One of my closest homies was on America’s Most Wanted.”
Rumor was that Trick Daddy was behind the leak of the photo but Trick recently revealed to MTV that he had nothing to do with it and that he is supporting Ross.

This is all very irrelevant to me. It's just something that people are taking and running into the damn ground. It will be forgotten in a few weeks.

Ruga Stories Part 8

Hell Rell: Ruga Stories Pt. 8! Kay Slay Says "I Love Everybody Everywhere, But Niggas In New York We The Bessst". Hell Rell Not Feelin G's To Gents TV Show Footage Below:

Jim When Is This Going To End?

"Byrd Gang" On Rap City Freestyling
What is this shit? AND Who are these niggas?
What happened to the dipset movement and all that?
That second nigga sounds like a poor man's Jay-z! Bye Jimmy!
I'm not supportin this bullshit -- Shout out to killa cam & max b

Monday, July 28, 2008

Herve Leger Bandage Dress!

Have you been looking for this dress?

It is priced @ $1038.00 on Sale

Marciano which is also a very reputable brand has a
replica bandage dress for less priced @ $138.00

Marciano: Marciano: Women: Kimberly V-Neck Dress
Ebay:Bandage sexy mini DRESS club w/ Marciano guess tissue M - eBay (item 270259291400 end time Aug-01-08 12:05:14 PDT)
Ebay Fushia & Black Bandage Dress: BEBE $129 RASPBERRY BANDAGE COLORBLOCK Ottoman Dress XS - eBay (item 280248762936 end time Jul-28-08 21:28:19 PDT)
Ebay Black & White Stripped Bandage Dress:Blk Wht Striped Bandage Dress & Guess by Marciano giftM - eBay (item 350082188072 end time Jul-29-08 19:43:55 PDT)

Jade Lookin Red Carpet Fab!

Jade From America's Next Top Model Working The Red Carpet To Her Advantage
Alicia, Worn This Wig First But Jade Is Rockin It Fabulously!
Very Cleopatra-esq &..Sexy!!!

Diddy + Nelly Too Close For Comfort!

According to Diddy has hand-picked Nelly for the Sean Jean underwear campaign. This should be interesting..

Ray J + Whitney Over The Weekend

Ray J & Whitney leaving Villa Lounge In Los Angeles.
Why? Why does this just scream inappropriate?
Whitney is giving that "Yeah, he's blowing my back out" look to camera & Ray J is just a shameless freak. I love it!

*VIDEO* Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Got Money

*VIDEO* The Game & Travis Baker - Dope Boys

For The Reality T.V. Luvaz!

I know there will be a record breaking amount of arrogance displayed on television when these two shows air.. Will you be watching?

New York Goes To Hollywood Is Premiering August 4th @ 9P.M.

Diddy Will Also Be Debuting His Reality Show "Do You Want To Work For Diddy?" @ 10p.m.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miss Nana Responding To Lil Mama's AMilli

Never heard of this broad but here's some promotion! I must ask though what the fuck are they doing to Lil Wayne's Amilli? You can't just get on a beat like that and say anything! Here's the footage. ::sighs::

New! Whitney Houston Ft. Akon - Like I Never Left

I Like It, It's Age Appropriate For Whitney

She Is Not Trying To Sound Like Beyonce Or Ashanti.

G Malone Ft. Weezy & Cam -- FULL LENGTH

New! Cam'ron Freestyle

Courtesy Of Dipset Radio

I Know This Is Off Topic

But Let Us Take A Moment..
And Reflect On How Sexy Lebron James' Silhouette Is..

So Charli Baltimore Re-Surfaced!

Looks Like Ms.Baltimore Is Ready To Be Back In The Lime Light Loving The 7 Series Beema..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Looks Like Weezy Isn't The Only One Being Slapped With A Lawsuit This Week!

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown are reportedly being sued by New York publisher over books they never delivered.
According to Bloomberg, Simon & Schuster claim they paid Foxy Brown $75,000 in 2005 to turn in an autobiography called Broken Silence by February 2006.
Lil' Kim was paid $40,000 in 2003 for a novel that was due by June 2004.
After signing the book deals, both women were imprisoned for several months. Lil' Kim went to prison in 2005 for lying about a shooting. Brown was locked up last year for violating probation arising from a fight with two manicurists.
“Both accepted the money, and both books never were delivered,” S&S spokesman Adam Rothberg told Bloomberg.

Jim Jones Speaks On Nas'

You know what this is one ghetto ass nigga:

Nas Knocks Weezy Off The Charts!

XXL Reports: how good nas has been looking latel J/K (not really) but the report is below

Titled or not, Nas’ 9th LP, Untitled lands atop the Billboard charts this week. The set sold 187, 078 copies according to Nielsen’s Soundscan, moving enough units to push Lil Wayne off the No. 1 spot. But don’t expect Escobar to rest on his laurels. The Queens lyricist is keeping busy with a protest against Fox News in NYC today and an appearance on Comedy Central’s hit show, The Colbert Report, later today.

*VIDEO* Exclusive Plies Ft. Jamie Foxx & The Dream "Excuse My Hands"

I absolutely adore Plies for some reason he comes off as a real dude even when he speaks he's not a complete country fool. I'm fuckin with Plies, Anybody Co-Signin?


In my opinion the man had a job, no it's not the most honorable job when you are rapper to have correctional officer on your resume. But, I am saying tho the nigga had to eat before he was making "May Bach Music" footage below:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tsk Tsk Weezy

I am beginning to think Weezy Baby thinks he can slide through life with his charm and good looks because in recent reports:

Lil Wayne is being sued by the Rolling Stones for copyright infringement.
Abko Music Inc., a music publishing company owns the rights to the band’s song “Play with Fire” and they are suing Lil Wayne in Manhattan federal court Thursday, July 24, saying he released an altered version of the song without permission.
Not only is Lil Wayne being sued his guest artists and his record company, a unit of Universal Music Group, of copyright infringement and unfair competition.
Abkco is also suing Lil Wayne because the version of this song that he allegedly created used “explicit, sexist and offensive language” which Abkco felt would lead the public to believe the company and the Rolling Stones approved of and authorized the new version.

CNN Black In America: DID YOU TUNE IN?

We'd like to know who tuned and what you thought of it? Did they cover the majority of the issues we face in the black community? I find it empowering that we are opening up and letting eachother know what we're all thinking. Someone has to do it and the time is now with the current state of America and black people as a whole. I was internet browsing and came across "DEF PEN RADIO" and wow they had a segment titled "Does your complexion make you sexy?" and I am thinking Child, BYE! You don't have to be scholar to figure that one out. Sexy comes in many tones. Sexy is not just one complexion. This is so sad but it is also an on-going issue within the urban community people get it together get rid of that COON mentality. If you are BLACK you are BLACK your skin complexion does not define you.

Trina & Kenyon Martin Were In A Car Accident In Belize Earlier Today!

Miami rapper Trina and Denver Nuggets Forward Kenyon Martin were involved in a serious car accident in Belize earlier today. The two were in Belize for a benefit basketball event scheduled for Saturday. According to TMZ, their car was reportedly side-swiped by another car and run off the road as they were leaving the airport. We gather that everyone’s fine and dandy.

*VIDEO* Danity Kane Ft. Missy Elliot - "BAD GIRL"

This is Danity Kane's Second Single Off Their Doll House Album.

Doll House Is Currently In Stores & On iTunes

The Video Is Gothic But Shows Many Shades Of Danity Kane You Be The Judge Of It:

Two Pieces Of Man Candy

Left: David Beckham Emporio Armani Ad
Right: Tyson Beckford in my bed Ad

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on these two beautiful men I know it is a bit off-topic but very necessaryI'll be right back with y'all in minute. Please ladies & some fellas enjoy the scenary! & To the sistas don't be mad at me because David Beckham is not black. I know I will get the angry e-mails asking why I didn't have a black man up there. But, listen, this is 2008 and David Beckham is international man-candy.

Inspirational News!

"Smith Forbes Magazine Best-Paid Actor In Hollywood - “Hancock” star Will Smith takes Hollywood’s No. 1 moneymaker title by making over $80 million last year according to Forbes magazine.The other top five earning actors were Johnny Depp at No. 2, with $72 million, Eddie Murphy and Mike Meyers tied for No. 3 with $55 million and Leonardo DiCaprio at $45 million.The top-earning female was Cameron Diaz, raking in $50 million last year. “Atonement” star Keira Knightley drew $32 million, while Jennifer Aniston garnered $27 million.Forbes noted that generally men make twice as much money as women. As for media personalities, Oprah Winfrey is still the queen with $275 million. "

All I can do is smile because if you rewind it back 20 years ago Will Smith was just a rapper who hadn't a clue where his career would take him back then. Now, he is a successful father, husband, and actor. I commend Will Smith because he started out like you, and me with a dream. I am going to leave you with this go after your dreams, and make them a reality. You can do anything you want, and you can be anybody you want to be. Success is at your finger tips!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cam'rons Long Awaited Crime Pays In Nov!

Cam'ron Is Droppin The Along Awaited Crime Pays In Nov.
G-Malone Feat. Camron & Weezy Below Courtesy of Dipset Radio:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You Afraid? No? Well, You Should BE!

T-Pain recently gave an update on his upcoming joint venture with Wayne:“T-Wayne is an entity that’s just gonna take over a side of the game,” Pain prophesied. “It’s two artists that done collaborated with every artist in the industry except each other. Being that we getting together, this T-Wayne movement is getting crazy. “He’s sending me blank tracks, I’m sending him blank tracks,” Pain elaborated on the project. “He’s sending me tracks with hooks, I’m sending him tracks with hooks. It’s just our hectic schedules are keeping us from recording. … But we both have studios on the bus. So we take that tour bus anywhere we go — it’s a done deal.” Pain and Wayne collaborated on the next single from Tha Carter III, “Got Money,” as well as the first official single from Thr33 Ringz, “Can’t Believe It.” ” ‘Can’t Believe It,’ I just wanted to simplify things,” he said. “Basically I got a lot of stuff on my albums that’s not that simple. I’m not getting away from the simplicity of things, it’s just basically a way to calm things down. Then I put Wayne on it and he keeps murdering tracks I’m sending him. It’s just another world, it’s unexplainable.” Pain describes the meaning of Thr33 Ringz as music being a three-ring circus with him as the ringleader.

In MAX B News

According to Allhiphop, Max B was performing at SOB on Tuesday night (July 22) when a group of men at the venue sparked a brawl by rushing the stage. During the melee, a single shot was fired but no injuries were reported.

(By the way MAX B has this certain sexual energy I like in a man lmaoo)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Ja Back?

Ja Rule Feat. Robin Thicke!
I Like It.. Got A Lil Flavor.. Okay Ja

The Omarosa Experience!

No Fighting Girls Just When Wendy Thought She Was Bad She Met Omarosa.

Nas @ Much Music Taping In Toronto

Is It Me Or Does This 37 Year Old Rapper Just Look DELICIOUS!