Thursday, July 17, 2008

Terrence Howard Claims Bill Cosby nearly ruined his career!

Oscar-nominee TERRENCE HOWARD almost destroyed his promising acting career when he was axed from THE COSBY SHOW.The Crash star landed his first acting part in the legendary comedy show in 1988 - but he was sacked before any of his scenes were aired.He explains, "I was 19 and had just moved to New York from Cleveland, I got on The Cosby Show on my second audition ever."Howard was so angry that his scenes were cut, he confronted the show's star and producer Bill Cosby - who he claims subsequently blacklisted him in the entertainment business.He explains, "I told him, 'I'm a man just like you.' He didn't like it, and the casting agent never took my calls again."Howard didn't work for four years, but recovered to forge a successful acting career - landing an Academy Award in 2006 for his role in Hustle + Flow.

What's so sad about this is, more than likely it's true!! Bill Cosby has been known as a hater.