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So Da Brat Has Been Sentenced To Three Years!

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris, copped a guilty plea to aggravated assault today (August 22) in a DeKalb County courtroom. In addition to the jail time, Superior Court Judge Gail Flake also sentenced the rapper to seven years probation and 200 hours of community service.

The prison terms come as a result of Da Brat’s actions at a Halloween party at Studio 72 nightclub on October 31 2007. After striking a waitress with a rum bottle due to an alleged argument, the woman was immediately hospitalized and suffered permanent facial scarring.

Another rapper bites the dust!

Audio: Young Jeezy - You Don't Know


50 CENT: "She licked my balls once and now she's a star"!

As I previously reported Kim Osorio is coming out with a Tell-All book in which she has made claims that she had sexual encounters with 50 and Nas. 50 has responded with this:

When asked if Kim's allegations were true, 50 brashly responded, "I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal...when they weren't worth much."

"She licked my balls once and now she's a star," 50 continued.

50 then went on to offer some "words of wisdom" to other aspiring female writers saying, "I got some advise for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my
balls and you are on the road to riches!"


Swagg TV Presents Juelz Santana Car Lot!

Nike Air Force 1z LUX (For My Sneaker Heads)!

These limited edition Air Force Ones will be available in 12 different colors, exclusively at 21 Mercer. The sneakers are made-to-order and has a four week delivery wait.

Magazine Covers: Lil Wayne On The Lastest Cover Of XXL Magazine!

Interview: Nelly With HOT 97's Angie Martinez!

Nelly talks about his relationship with Ashanti and Angie Martinez also gives Nelly a reminder of how they first met.

Interview: The Game With Jenny Boom Boom

He speaks on his awkward beef with Jay-z:

Cover Your Ears: Terrance Howard's New Song & Video!

Billboard: Yung Berg's Album Sales!

I had to report this Yung Berg moved just over 19,000 copies of his debut, Look What You Made Me and landed at # 20 on the billboard charts. That's just what he deserves!

Just in case you forgot let me remind you:

Life After Rocafella: Wale & State Property Recording 'Cypher'

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Who Created This Monster?

Audio: Chamillionaire - My Life

Chamillionaire Featuring Trae & Slim Thug


Janet Jackson Introduces Her Lingerie Line And I Might Like It!

Janet Jackson will release her Pleasure Principle Lingerie Collection this November.

“The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world. You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white,” Jackson said in a statement Wednesday. ”It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it.”

I'm usually a Fredricks and Vickies girl but I'm a very open minded shopper, plus Janet Jackson is the true definition of a sexy bitch. I can see her making tassles, nipple rings and all that good sh*t. Work it girl!

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Ciara's Former Manager Wants Her 15 Minutes!

According to Sohh Ciara's former managaer Philana Williams will be publishing a three part series entitled "The Ciara Diaries" where she will telling intimate details of Ciaras personal life. Philana has worked for La Face, So So Def and Arista to name a few.

Here's a snippet of what's been published this morning:

"According to an insider, who is very close to Ciara, she doesn't trust her man 50 Cent. Ciara, allegedly, went through Fiddy's cell phone calling his celebrity friends, former significant others, and strippers. Rather than identify herself to them, she allegedly placed crank phone calls disguising her voice pretending to be an anonymous lover who was pregnant with his child.

When a few of these people figured out who she was, they called home boy who was naturally teed off. So teed off that he, allegedly, sent his goons down to Atlanta to repossess that Phantom automobile I told you about yesterday. So if you were wondering why Ciara was profiling in that car one minute, and the next minute it was gone - now you know.

I guess when you're dealing with a child you take away her toys to teach her a lesson? Reggie Bush dumped her because he was tired of her games. "

What I don't get is what would this grown woman gain personally or professionally by "exposing" Ciara. I hope she feels good knowing how pathetic all of this is. By the way she's also the manager of Tiffany Evans and that's who she needs to be directing her energy towards because homegirl is a flop.

Kim Osorio Confesses To Sexual Relations With NAS And 50 In Her New Book!

Here Are A Few Tidbits:

1. She did the damn thing with 50 Cent and he then took her shopping and sent 100 roses to her job.

2. She says 50 was the most self indulgent person she ever met. That he was always talking about his career or how many records he was going to sell.

3. Nas apparently had a girlfriend when she was sexing her. Told her to hush when a phone call came
in from his main chick.

Source: SOHH

Audio: Cassidy - Apply Pressure


Diddy's Own American IDOL?

Sean "Diddy" Combs is making good on his recent promise to takeover TV. In addition to his breakout VH1 hit "I Want To Work For Diddy" and his MTV staple "Making Of The Band" featuring Danity Kane and Day 26, the hit maker is set to launch another "Star Search" type of show, this time featuring solo artists.

According to reports, Diddy is on the hunt for two people (one male and one female) who are at least 18-years-old who can sing anything from country music to pop. The winners will be presented with a recording contract with Bad Boy.

Interested parties have to get in line on August 23 in San Francisco, August 29 in New York, September 6 in Hollywood and September 9 in Atlanta. All contestants are required to prepare three songs that show off their vocal range and may even bring a musical instrument.

Remember Kim Osorio?

Kim Osorio, the former editor-in-chief of The Source Magazine, will be releasing her tell-all book about her tumultuous tenure at the self proclaimed "Hip Hop Bible" next month.
The book, titled Straight From The Source: An Expose from the Former Editor of the Hip-Hop Bible, chronicles Osorio's experiences at the magazine including the sexual harassment she faced.

Osorio sued the magazine in 2005 for sexual discrimination and was awarded over $5 million by a judge.

The book will hit shelves on September 9th via Pocket/VH1 Books.

Audio: Young Jeezy Feat. Nas - My President Is Black

The Source 20 Year Anniversary: The Last Two Covers!

A few weeks ago I posted the first two covers of The Source' 20 year anniversary magazine covers with Nas, and LL Cool J. Here are the last two covers featuring Ice Cube, and Queen Latifah. Photographer: Spike Lee

Damon Dash Has Two Homes Facing Foreclosure!

Rocafella co-founder Damon Dash and his wife Rachel Roy is reportedly facing foreclosure on two Manhattan apartments for failing to mortgages.

According to The Associated Press, Eastern Savings Bank filed court papers on Monday (August 19) claiming that the rap mogul and his wife failed to make monthly payments of $78,500 for the apartments and owe them $7.3 million in total.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are They Worth It? Men's Hi Top Patent Leather FENDI Sneakers $575!

"Tyra's A Phony" DUHHH! As If We Didn't Know!

After winning an Emmy earlier this year for her daytime talk show, Tyra planned a celebratory event with other African-American models to mark Vogue Italia’s all black model issue. It was supposed to be a celebration of the spirit and beauty of the African-American woman but audience members say it turned into “Tyra-Fest”. After ignoring her fans in the audience for over two hours, she then put them to work in the hot New York sun.

A source tells the publication, “You could hear her going on and on because she was standing right behind the stage curtain. She’s talking and talking. Meanwhile, you have the entire audience waiting almost two hours for the taping to start.”

“She leaves us waiting, and everyone is sitting there complaining, and then she comes out and doesn’t say a word about it. She didn’t even say hello, she got right into her script. She acted so cold towards everyone. She’s a phony. She had the audience prance down the street and then release black balloons. It was so disorganized, people fell over the press outside and almost trampled two little girls.”


After meeting much success during the trial run of “The Wendy Williams Show” the queen of gossip will officially be going national next year on Fox.

According to Variety, since mid July the controversial radio personality increased viewership an average of 80% among the demographic of women 25-54, and 200% among those 18-34.

Williams premiered her show on July 15th on four stations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Detroit for a six week test run. This approach is one Fox has implemented in the past in an effort to avoid committing millions of dollars for the national launching of shows.

The daily show is comprised of Wendy’s take on celebrity news/gossip, as well as famous guests and an “Ask Wendy” question section involving audience members.

I knew she would do it!

Scandalous: Jermaine Dupri Shuts The Doors On Cafe Dupri And Workers Are Claiming They Were NOT Paid!

Jermaine Dupri reportedly shut down his Atlanta restaurant Cafe Dupri last week and his employees claim that they haven’t been paid for weeks because of faulty checks.

According to WSB-TV, the restaurant’s employees claim that prior to the business shutting down they had been receiving bounced checks and no action was taken to get them fully compensated.

“Just about everybody in the restaurant got checks that were no good” said former bartender Amy Fosse. “Every time I go to the bank, they say ‘Maybe come back tomorrow, there is nothing here’”.

“It's a mess,” added Lakeisha Ross, a former cook.

The workers claim they were not notified of the restaurant’s closure and only found out after coming to work to find a post on the doors saying the eatery was "closed indefinitely".

Dupri’s mother, Tina Mauldin, who serves as CEO for the restaurant, claims that all the workers have been paid and the restaurant’s closure was a “business decision”.

Mauldin would take a swipe at her former employees saying that if they had worked harder, the restaurant would still be open.

Juelz Santana Tells MTV Cam'ron Was C-Blockin His Collaborations!

Now that he recently got out of his legal obligation to Cam's Diplomat Records, the 23-year-old is signed directly to Def Jam. Cam actually broke the news to New York radio personality Miss Info, saying he'd sold Juelz's contract over to the label for a handsome price.

"I was upset about the part of me being 'sold for $2 million,' " Santana told MTV News, standing in front of his New Jersey studio on Thursday. "At times like this, nobody is trying to 'sell' me. I could have come out and said, 'Oh, yeah, Cam got bought out.' But I didn't go that route. They just gotta watch me move. We gonna make it hot."

Over the past few years, Juelz has tried to make guest appearances on some of his peers' songs, but he said Cam wouldn't clear the collaborations. In some cases, such as a Nike commercial and Chris Brown's "Run It!," the head of the Dipset sued the people Santana worked with for compensation.
Story continues

The saga continues as Juelz airs out all of Dipset's dirty laundry. Cam'ron they trying to make you look real bad right now brotha. I can't help but wonder if Cam gave clearance for Jim, and Santana to perform with 50 on the 5 boro tour? I'm just sayin'..

Nicki Minaj Addresses The Industry And The Haters With This Interview!


TrakDealaz Presents: The Bronx SMASH UP

So Prospect Penz is Cams' new edition to The Diplomats. We've heard him rapping with Cam on his new joint "My Aura" and he's all over Public Enemy #1. After the jump there are tracks the TrakDealz did with Penz, Cory Gunz, and Bang Bang Boogie. TrakDealaz are upcoming bronx based producers who are bringing back that NY wave.

Sloppy Job or Upgrade? HOOPZ Covers KING MAGAZINE October Issue!

I am not sure they captured the look they were going for with this photo. The make-up is not sexy nor is the angle they shot her from. I don't usually hate on black women (LOL) but this ain't right. She'll get a pass any way and y'all know why!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Exclusive!!!!! DJ Khaled featuring Kanye West & T-Pain "Go Hard"!

featuring Kanye West & T-Pain


click below to download

Plies Samples Patti Labelle's "Somebody Loves You" And I Like It!

Monday Night Sexy With Lisa Raye!

Lisa Raye channels her inner Grace Jones with this shoot as she lets go of her previous demure looks. Despite all of the recent drama Lisa looks fantabulous. Only a hater would disagree!Photos: Necole Bitchie

Audio: The Game Feat. Nas - Letter To The King

Is Rhianna Broke?

"Could all the high end hairstyles and endless shopping sprees be taking a toll on Rhianna's pocket book? There's a new rumor out on the Princess of Def-Jam right now. According to a Ri Ri's former accountant, as well as her former business manager, Patricia Willliams, Rihanna is barely keeping her head above water.

Patricia is claiming that she was fired by Rhianna and her management company, Rebel One for no good reason. And clearly she's taking her issues with the pop star public. According to Williams, Rhianna is down to $20,000 dollars in her account.

From Williams accounts, Rihanna has a shady deal with Def-Jam [surprise, surprise] which forces her handlers to use the singer's personal earnings from endorsement deals, touring and CD sales to break into broader world-markets.

Apparently it gets a little bit more involved than that, but how many artists have we all seen sing the same ole "broke" song." Sohh

Omarion Looks Way Better WITH Braids!

Monique Shows Us Her New Figure!

And baby, she don't look half bad! Mo is a smart woman she could teach Starr Jones a thing or two. Courtesy of That Grape Juice!

I'd Sell My Soul To Be Relevant: How To Stay Fit With Lil Cease Part 1 & 2!

Part One

Part Two

Talk Is Cheap: Lloyd Banks And Tony Yayo Brag About The Rappers They've Bodied!

See, and I was beginning to warm up to the idea of liking Lloyd Banks! First of all what was Lloyd Banks last relevant solo album? (We're not even go there on Yayo.) Now is not the time to talk shit when G-Unit's "TOS" went brick less than 8 weeks ago. They're supposed to be so hard but the only known fight to date is with a 14 year old boy? Moving On

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mixtapeville: Your Favorite Suppliers Presents "The T-Wayne Show" Pre-Orders Now Available On!

E-mail all Wholesale orders to

Lil' Wayne
1. Where It At featuring Cam'ron
2. Stund Hard fetauring Nutt Da Kidd
3. I'm On Dat
4. I Need It
5. Do It For The Boy
6. Make A Toast featuring Dolla
7. Holla At A Playa featuring Jae Millz
8. I Want This Forever
9. Be Cool
10. Ain't A Hot Boy featuring B.G. & Juvenile
11. I Can Take Your Girl

12. Ain't Nothing In My Way featuring Bloodraw
13. Backseat Action featuring French Montana
14. Hood Girl featuring Ciara
15. Assume The Position featuring Hotstylez
16. Goin' Thru Alot
17. Beam Me Up featuring Tay Dizm & Rick Ross
18. Make Movies featuring Yung Cash
19. Silver & Gold
20. You & Me

21. Got Money
22. Can't Believe It
23. Lollipop(Official Remix)
24. T-Wayne Outro

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Police Brutality: DJ VLAD Suing Rick Ross For 4 Million!

"After an altercation at last week's Ozone Awards held in Houston, Texas, DJ Vlad is suing Rick Ross for $4 Million. The DJ claims in a lawsuit filed in federal court today, that Ross orchestrated a "brutal attack" against him.

Among the injuries alleged to have been suffered by Vlad in the attack are seven stitches below one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage. The suit is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages.

Before the alleged assault, Vlad said that he had reached out to Ross in order to calm the brewing beef between their camps.

Representatives for Ross have not yet commented."

GOOD! and I hope DJ Vlad is awarded the 4 million Rick Ross really needs to calm the fuck down we all know he was a CO. He's just mad because somebody had the nerve to pull his card!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scheduled Court Appearances!

According to def sounds Lil Wayne and Yung Berg were both scheduled to appear at court today in New York. Wayne from gun possession charges he faced in 2007. In that incident a .40 caliber handgun was found by authorities in his tour bus last July following a performance with Ja Rule at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre. Representatives from Wayne's camp said that the multi-platinum selling artist could not show because of a dental condition that restricts him from driving.

Wayne, who has pleaded not guilty to the weapons possession charges, faces up to three and a half years in prison if convicted.

Berg's gun charges stem from an arrest this past weekend. He also faces charges of marijuana possession and menacing. He also did not show up for his court appearance today, which was at the same courthouse.

No word yet on if a warrant has been issued for either rapper.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exclusive: Jadakiss And Sheek - Cocaine Music!

Rick Ross Gone Wild: DJ VLAD

"It looks like Ricky Ross has officially grown tired of being asked about his law abiding past and is now resorting to just whoppin' some ass. DJ Vlad who was once named one of MTV's top DJ's might now be better known for getting his ass handed to him for going balls out on the interviewing front.

The details are sketchy at the moment, but my source is telling me that yesterday while just leaving a music panel Ricky Ross was confronted by the popular DJ turned new media correspondent about those rampant Correctional Officer allegations.

It seems that Ricky and his squad had had their fill of questioning over his questionable past and hopped on Vlad once he posed the question with his camera in their face[s].

From what I'm hearing there is even video backing up this rumor. I hear the altercation was pretty ugly. Some people are telling me that Ricky's Ross road manager was the main beat down culprit.

SOHH what's known is that a physical altercation between Ricky Ross, his entourage and Vlad did occur, but what's not clear is exactly what happened that led up to said ass whoopin'. You know I'ma keep you updated SOHH stay tuned."

Wendy Williams: Michelle Williams Interview!

The Performance:

Ozone Awards Unseen Footage: Charlamagne Calling Out Gay Rappers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For Civilians or Better Left To Celebs?

Twill canvas and textured patent leather combination upper in a casual pump style with a round peep toe. Contoured vamp. Patent leather ankle strap with an adjustable buckle for perfect fit. Soft faux leather lining and cushioned logo footbed, 1/2 inch patent wrapped midsole. Smooth outsole, 4 1/2 inch patent leather wrapped heel. Affordable cute shoe by Michael Antonio

Black Entrepreneurs: Kanye West Is Set To Open Resturant Chain!

The outspoken and never shy rapper, Kanye West, will be opening up a Fatburger in Orland Park, which is located on the southwest suburban area of Chicago, next month.

According to a spokesperson of Fatburger Corp., Kanye West's KW Foods LLC, has the rights to develop 10 Fatburgers in the Chicago area and plans to open another one in January at 95th and Western Avenue in the Beverly neighborhood.

Fatburger, which primarily calls California home, is a popular fast-food chain. This will be the first restaurant in Chicago.

Love It Or Hate It: Serena Poses In Men's Health Magazine And She Looks Bangin!

Sexy sexy sexy! Everything about these pictures are fabulous!

Wendy Williams: Aubrey O'Day

Part One:

Part Two:

Freestyle: Lloyd Banks - Hate On Me

The Source 20 Year Anniversary Covers: Photos By Spike Lee

Here is 2 of the 4 covers The Source will be realeasing:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Showin The Boss Don Some Blog Luv Oww! Max B - Biggaveli TV Episode 4

At the end of this episode you will hear Max's new song "Tattoo's On They Ass" dissing Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, AND Lil' Wayne. All these disses and The Biggavel only seems to be getting wavier:

Video Freeze: Kanye West - 'Champion'

An Update: Da Brat Facing 10 Years!

According to a credible music industry source, rapper Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, has agreed to a plea deal that will likely include one year in jail for assaulting a waitress at a Halloween party last year. I can't really side with her on this. Can you?

Meagan Good Celebrates Her 27th Birthday Party In Hollywood

August 10, 2008: Meagan looks flawless as always! Hard to believe she's 27 right? Some may be bothered by this but ' black don't crack'. Comparing her to Kim Kardashian it would look as if there is a ten year age difference and they are approximately the same age, I'm just saying!!

Jay-z Still The Greatest: Jockin Jay-z Produced By Kanye West!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fame Whore: Alyana Wyatt AKA Mos Def's EX Speaks About Some Of The NBA Playaz & Rappaz She Was Bonin'!

She also speaks about her marriage with Mos Def and the tell-all book she is publishing. She is cute and all but was Mos really that thirsty? AND Is this Deja Vu?


Rumor Report: Lloyd Banks Leaving Interscope?

Lloyd Banks is reportedly unhappy with Interscope. The details of his contract I'm not quite sure of I assume he owes G-Unit more albums but he's reportedly been seen over the house that Russell built. Hey I don't blame him G-Unit is real corny nowadays very commercial. Lloyd's original style was street and I liked it so hopefully he gets back to his roots.

Unimportant Material: Yung Berg Arrested On Gun AND Weed Charges!

Rapper Yung Berg was arrested Saturday (August 9) by New York City police following an early morning investigation of a complaint.

According to reports, the entertainer, born Christian Ward, was taken in on weapons and marijuana charges.

Yung Berg was scheduled to perform at Six Flags in New Jersey on Saturday, as part of a promotional tour in support of the rapper’s forthcoming album, Look What You Made Me.

According to sources, the arrest came after a limo driver reported a dispute with five passengers.

The rapper, along with the other passengers, were arrested busted after the police investigation of the complaint.

He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of marijuana and menacing.

It seems Yung Berg's 'light skin' hasn't been giving him favorable luck as of late. Empty venues, arrests and being escorted out of his shows for inappropriate behavior. God don't like ugly!

Isaac Hayes/Bernie Mac Recently Worked On A Film Together

Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson in Soul Men courtesy Dimension Films Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, whose deaths saddened the entertainment world this weekend, had worked together on an unreleased film this past spring.

Soul Men, starring Mac and Samuel L. Jackson, is named for the famous hit "Soul Man" that Hayes wrote with David Porter.
Mac and Jackson actually do their own musical and dance performances in the film about two aging backup singers who haven’t seen each other in 20 years but reluctantly agree to travel together for a tribute performance in honor of their recently deceased band leader.

The movie shot scenes in Memphis, Tenn., in April, including one in which Hayes is in the audience as Mac and Jackson perform the legendary songwriter's "Do Your Thing.”
Mac, 50, died from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago-area hospital early Saturday. Hayes, 65, was found near a treadmill in his Tennessee home barely a day later and pronounced dead at a Memphis hospital. His cause of death was not determined but no foul play was suspected.

Due out in November the film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and also stars Sean Hayes, Jennifer Coolidge and John Legend.