Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ciara's Former Manager Wants Her 15 Minutes!

According to Sohh Ciara's former managaer Philana Williams will be publishing a three part series entitled "The Ciara Diaries" where she will telling intimate details of Ciaras personal life. Philana has worked for La Face, So So Def and Arista to name a few.

Here's a snippet of what's been published this morning:

"According to an insider, who is very close to Ciara, she doesn't trust her man 50 Cent. Ciara, allegedly, went through Fiddy's cell phone calling his celebrity friends, former significant others, and strippers. Rather than identify herself to them, she allegedly placed crank phone calls disguising her voice pretending to be an anonymous lover who was pregnant with his child.

When a few of these people figured out who she was, they called home boy who was naturally teed off. So teed off that he, allegedly, sent his goons down to Atlanta to repossess that Phantom automobile I told you about yesterday. So if you were wondering why Ciara was profiling in that car one minute, and the next minute it was gone - now you know.

I guess when you're dealing with a child you take away her toys to teach her a lesson? Reggie Bush dumped her because he was tired of her games. "

What I don't get is what would this grown woman gain personally or professionally by "exposing" Ciara. I hope she feels good knowing how pathetic all of this is. By the way she's also the manager of Tiffany Evans and that's who she needs to be directing her energy towards because homegirl is a flop.


Eb the Celeb said...

Damn... but yeah... that some young girl ish... she is college aged and that's what chicks in college do... personally i never even believed that they were really dating

anywho... that's crazy that Tiffany Evans is managed by this lady because she is a good person... and quite frankly if she was doing her job instead being in negotiations on her own project to expose ciara, maybe she would have had the exposure she needed to succeed...