Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rick Ross Gone Wild: DJ VLAD

"It looks like Ricky Ross has officially grown tired of being asked about his law abiding past and is now resorting to just whoppin' some ass. DJ Vlad who was once named one of MTV's top DJ's might now be better known for getting his ass handed to him for going balls out on the interviewing front.

The details are sketchy at the moment, but my source is telling me that yesterday while just leaving a music panel Ricky Ross was confronted by the popular DJ turned new media correspondent about those rampant Correctional Officer allegations.

It seems that Ricky and his squad had had their fill of questioning over his questionable past and hopped on Vlad once he posed the question with his camera in their face[s].

From what I'm hearing there is even video backing up this rumor. I hear the altercation was pretty ugly. Some people are telling me that Ricky's Ross road manager was the main beat down culprit.

SOHH what's known is that a physical altercation between Ricky Ross, his entourage and Vlad did occur, but what's not clear is exactly what happened that led up to said ass whoopin'. You know I'ma keep you updated SOHH stay tuned."