Thursday, August 7, 2008

JennyLo: Just Wants To Move On!

Jennifer Lopez had a subpoena to appear in court to testify about the 1999 club shooting that left someone shot in the face and landed Shyne in jail for 10 years. TMZ is reporting that JennyLo will not be testifying because she has nothing to contribute to the case.

The victim is seeking $130 million in damages from Diddy!

The night of the incident Diddy and JennyLo left the club and were then pulled over by NYPD who found the gun in their vehicle. They were both charged with gun possessions. The charges were eventually dropped against JennyLo. Diddy was acquitted and Shyne was sentenced!

Shyne took the rap for Diddy and we all know it. So, hopefully when he comes out of jail Diddy will send him an apology check to help aid the disturbing memories of the last 10 years that were spent in a cell.