Monday, August 18, 2008

Is Rhianna Broke?

"Could all the high end hairstyles and endless shopping sprees be taking a toll on Rhianna's pocket book? There's a new rumor out on the Princess of Def-Jam right now. According to a Ri Ri's former accountant, as well as her former business manager, Patricia Willliams, Rihanna is barely keeping her head above water.

Patricia is claiming that she was fired by Rhianna and her management company, Rebel One for no good reason. And clearly she's taking her issues with the pop star public. According to Williams, Rhianna is down to $20,000 dollars in her account.

From Williams accounts, Rihanna has a shady deal with Def-Jam [surprise, surprise] which forces her handlers to use the singer's personal earnings from endorsement deals, touring and CD sales to break into broader world-markets.

Apparently it gets a little bit more involved than that, but how many artists have we all seen sing the same ole "broke" song." Sohh