Friday, July 25, 2008

CNN Black In America: DID YOU TUNE IN?

We'd like to know who tuned and what you thought of it? Did they cover the majority of the issues we face in the black community? I find it empowering that we are opening up and letting eachother know what we're all thinking. Someone has to do it and the time is now with the current state of America and black people as a whole. I was internet browsing and came across "DEF PEN RADIO" and wow they had a segment titled "Does your complexion make you sexy?" and I am thinking Child, BYE! You don't have to be scholar to figure that one out. Sexy comes in many tones. Sexy is not just one complexion. This is so sad but it is also an on-going issue within the urban community people get it together get rid of that COON mentality. If you are BLACK you are BLACK your skin complexion does not define you.