Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Young Buck The Reason G-Unit's Album Didn't Sell?

Terminate on Sight’ (G-Unit/Interscope) sold a disappointing 102,000 copies and debuts at #4.G-Unit’s 2003’s debut, “Beg For Mercy,” started at #1 with 377,000.
The question is , Was Young buck the reason?

Karma is a bitch! Fifty shouldn't have put Young Buck out there like that. I am so done with this nigga its unbelievable he is so fuckin corny and he's been corny he has no style at all his clothes are corny if you're walking around wearing G-unit clothes slap yourself in the back of the fuckin head for me. I must admit YES he is very business savvy and marketable. He is like a Toys R US rapper like an action figure or some shit. WHAT THE FUCK! I been done with Fifty since "GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN" He said ALL he had to say on that album everything after that is just a watered down version of it. He is every white kid in America's depiction of a "GANGSTER". The shit is digustin.

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