Saturday, July 12, 2008

For All Of You YOUNG BERG Lovers

young berg

"YUNG BERG" recently addmited he DOES NOT like dark skinned women. He wants no one who is darker than him. He refers to dark skinned women as "dark butts" & says if dark skinned women can not pass the "pool test" he is turned off...

Unfortunately, he is not the only who feels this way everyone is jumping on his ass about his comments but if I am not mistaken Lil Wayne, Fabolous, & Bobby Valentino (just to name a few) have also publicly made this known!

Self-HATE is so sad..
Black people need to start coming together we are a beauitful people and race! Unfortunately, he is not the only black man that feels this way.

The bottom line is real men don't care about what complexion you are because beauty comes in all colors. This is ridiculous now all of his "dark skinned" fans should boycott his ass simple as that. This is what you call "career suicide".

**Today he made a statement apologizing for his comments, and made mention of his lovely dark skinned mother!
WHO CARES? Where was your dark skinned mother when you were making these statements?

Not to mention he has a brown skinned baby's mother who he does not pay child support to. He is living in the suburb of L.A. while his son's mother has to work two jobs to care for their son. YOUNG BERG = HOT STEAMY MESS

I will leave you with this BLACK WOMEN please do not feel discourage because there are many men out there of all races, colors, and creeds who sees you and your skin complexion as exotic and will not degrade you!